Fall Foliage

Autumn is arguably my favourite season. The unfortunate thing about my favourite season is that the most picturesque part of it is so fleeting. If you don’t catch the leaves as they’re turning, odds are good that in a few short days you’ll end up with dead branches instead of the gorgeous colours of the fall foliage.  Broke out the camera in a big way this weekend starting with the pre-game BBQ and DSA Corn Maze Social last night.  Today I hit up the Belgravia ravine to take some biking pictures.   This is my favourite shot from the day.

Camera in hand and a friend by your side is the best way to spend a crisp fall afternoon.

RAW Denim

My friend Josh Le (yes, that Josh Le) organized the first ever Wear & Tear competition this year (7 months) and I’ve been spreading the word among our small little dental class to try to get more people to do it.  Considering that raw denim is mostly a male thing, I’ve convinced quite a few girls to jump on the bandwagon with me (4 of us and counting!) as well as a couple of guys too.  After searching most of Edmonton for a pair that actually fit, I finally purchased my first pair: Naked & Famous “Leggy Girl” in Super Slub Stretch, size 29, $120 from High Grade in WEM.  Even though I’m a newbie to the raw denim trend, it was sad to hear that N&F may not be producing raw denim for girls anymore (which is probably why it’s been so tough to find their Leggy Girl style!)  It’s been ridiculously difficult to find a pair of girls raw denim that actually fits (girls or guys styles!).  There was a style from Domino that I really liked (Kochi low-rise in Raw, $100) but they’re not part of the competition so I didn’t get them, and then there was the Tube Kelly from Nudie that looked good as well but at $185 they were out of my price range for a first pair.

Places I searched out: Jaisel on Whyte (all guys), Glam Slam on Whyte (girls and guys), High Grade in WEM, and HG2 (half a dozen styles) and Holt Renfrew (nada) in Manulife Place.  Josh said there’s also a place in Kingsway Mall, but I didn’t bother to go out that way after realizing that the pair at High Grade was the best I was going to do.

It’s funny that I’m wearing skinny jeans and straight legs now. I remember when I was in high school and tried on my first pair of skinny jeans how ridiculous I thought I looked. My how the fashions have changed.  Some day I will look back at my fashion sense (more like lack there-of) and wonder what I was thinking. Never mind. I already think that. But here’s to attempting the perfect pair of skinnies and chronicling my first year of Dent in Denim! Fit documentation will occur on Monday when I go register my jeans at Jaisel.  See you in 7 months.

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